Hy-VeeSurvey – Win a $500 Gift Card

Hy-VeeSurvey – What’s the Point of the Hy-vee Survey?

Hy-VeeSurvey - Win a $500 Gift Card - Hy-Vee Survey

Hy-VeeSurvey – Win a $500 Gift Card

Hy-Vee is the company offering the grand prize of a $500 gift card to anybody who can help them acquire five new customers.

The hyveesurvey.com website is the home of the official Hy Vee customer satisfaction survey. An online survey is administered to ascertain your level of satisfaction with the offered goods.

Hy-Vee Customer Experience Survey Details

Survey NameHy-Vee Survey
Survey PrizeSweepstakes Entry
Sweepstakes Prize$500 Hy-Vee gift card
Prizes/ Month1
Entry Limit1 Per Person Per Month
Prize Limit1 Per Person

The restaurant’s customer service, menu, and atmosphere are all important factors. The primary goal of this survey is to help the firm learn how to improve the quality of their restaurant.

Hy-VeeSurvey - Win a $500 Gift Card - Hy-Vee Survey

Procedure for Participating in a Survey

Below are some guidelines to follow if you’re interested in participating in this survey, which should make the process easier and more efficient for you overall:

Get a receipt from a Hy-vee shop and write down the number on the back. Please go to www.hyveesurvey.com and log in to the Hy-Vee sites.

Select your language option on the first screen. Check out the sweepstakes regulations. Date of visit, 16-digit receipt number, and 4-digit store number must be entered.

Indicate whether you or a member of your family is currently employed with Hy-Vee. At this time, we will begin your Hy-Vee survey.

During this survey, you will be asked to score the service you had during your most recent visit to Hy-Vee, as well as provide feedback on your overall shopping and customer service experiences while there.

Tell us about your personal experiences with the services, employees, management, and cleanliness.

Then you’ll be asked to choose the answer that best describes your level of satisfaction with this survey. Finally, it’s important to be completely honest while filling out the Hy-Vee survey.

Put in your contact information (name, email, and phone) and submit. Fill out this form completely and click the submit button.

Hy-VeeSurvey - Win a $500 Gift Card - Hy-Vee Survey

Rewards & Perks

As a thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey, you will be entered into a monthly drawing to win a $500 Hy Vee gift card, good for any purchases made at any Hy Vee location.

You may enter the Hy vee sweepstakes for free without making a purchase, and all you have to do is spend 5 to 10 minutes nicely answering their questions.

Survey & Rules

  • It’s important to note that the Hy-Vee poll is only open to legal citizens of the states of Missouri, South Dakota, Kansas, Illinois, Nebraska, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.
  • Required minimum age to participate is 18; each person may submit only one entry each survey.
  • There is a one prize limit per person. All candidates must fill out the survey in its entirety to be included for the giveaway.
  • Please keep in mind that you are not a Hy Vee employee and hence not eligible to participate in this poll.
  • The Hy-Vee survey must be completed no later than seven days after your purchase or visit, and no group registrations will be approved.
  • A reward may not be transferred to another winner or redeemed for cash. The loser is expected to pick up the tab.
  • No current or former Hy-Vee employees, or their immediate families, or anyone else with a close connection to the company, may participate in the poll. By participating, entrants agree to abide by the terms of the competition.

Hy-VeeSurvey - Win a $500 Gift Card - Hy-Vee Survey

About Hy-VeeSurvey

The American business Hy Vee is often regarded as the greatest in West Des Moines since it offers its customers additional savings at the conclusion of each shopping trip.

Those that bring their families here, for instance, will be rewarded with a $500 gift card upon their return.


The company will appreciate you much if you spend a few minutes of your time here, and they will show their appreciation with awards at the end.

You will only be asked to provide comments on the survey itself and how satisfied you are with the company’s survey services.

Hy-VeeSurvey - Win a $500 Gift Card - Hy-Vee Survey

Win a $500 Gift Card – FAQs

  • I was wondering how long it would take to do this survey.

Answer – The survey just takes around 5-10 minutes to complete, so there’s no need to waste any more of your time on it if you want to appreciate this company.

  • What Perks Are There to Taking Part in Hy Vee Customer Satisfaction Polls?

Answer – Here, visitors who are willing to participate in this survey in exchange for $500 will be rewarded for their time and consideration.

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